Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7: January 7th

Can you believe I made it a week? I can't! This New Year must be the one to follow through and finish stuff...hopefully that carries through on the dissertation writing. Surprise surprise, it snowed last night and blowed so there was no school. So I'm stuck at home with an 8 year old that is bored. I tried to cure his boredom by helping him clean his room but he wanted no part of that. It was way too cold to go outside but I caved and let the neighbor kids come over. They played dress up and tore up the basement and Colton's room. So more cleaning is necessary to cure someone's next case of boredom....if anyone is bored out there...boy do I have a deal for you!

Just wanted to show everyone that I was not bored...had to shovel off the sidewalks again. I've decided that Mother Nature has a weight loss program for me - shoveling snow every other day. It did take all day as I had to come in about every 10 minutes because I started to feel the tingle on the news that they talked about called FROST BITE. Negative 30 degree windchills will do that to ya. It was cold!

Well I was too lazy and tired of the cold to go out and take a picture of my own driveway so this is my neighbors. Hopefully it gives you an idea of how much dang snow we have and my weight loss program regimen. We have had a ton of snow lately and well Mother Nature if you are listening I would prefer not to be cold when I work out!

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