Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 17: Bowling

Well bowling was on the schedule tonight. I hadn't bowled...well the last time I remember was about 5 years ago with Ted and Angi when we bowled for Boys and Girls Club. But what I totally love about bowling is the shoes. I had a hard time not stealing these with the lime green eyelets. I was so stylin'!

Mark, Doug, Shawn and Keegan were all looking fly in these shoes. My friend Angie couldn't bowl because she hurt her back but she was there to laugh at us as we threw our gutterballs and all of us had at least a couple of those. So as we got an arm workout she got a belly workout from laughing.

Our form was horrible except for Mark who about wore his bowling shirt and brought his bowling ball and shoes. I'm always hearing how he took a bowling class in college. Well I got close to his score in the second game so there and I didn't even take a bowling class!
Keegan took the squat and launch approach.
Doug thought he was hot stuff in the second game as he rolled a strike or spare on just about every frame. After about 5 frames, you would have thought he was a peacock as he was walking around with his chest puffed out. He looks as if he has an amputated arm in this pic - I will do better next time on my action shots.

And here's the score boards. I was player 4 in the first one. Notice the big whopping total of 3 on the second frame.
But I did make a comeback in the second game. I was player 2. Watch out Mark, I may get my own bowling shirt to match my shoes! :)

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