Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 5: January 5th

Well back to work for me. So today's pics consist of the folks that get to stare at me for the next 43 days minus the weekends. Pathetic... I know. I've got it counted to the day and probably the hour if I really think about it. They seem to be good students and these are the smallest classes I've had in a long time. Plus check out the tables and chairs - they are new!!! Oh how I love new stuff!
Look at 'em. They still have smiles on their faces...I guess I'm not doing my job yet...lol. I checked noone's sleeping and they actually have their books open like they are ready to learn. Oh they show such promise. I can't wait to warp their minds....
Now students if you are reading this and you don't see your pearly whites, YOU WERE LATE! Do you hear me....YOU WERE LATE or just didn't even show up! Don't let it happen again - who knows when you're going to get your fifteen minutes of fame again so get your butt to class on time next time!

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