Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2: January 2

Wondering if I can actually keep this up..seeing as I'm already saving my posts while I edit them and have to use a snow day to get them posted. Here's what has been sitting on my couch and kitchen table for the past few days as I try to finish a quilt I started. Hopefully before the end of this 365 days I can get the finished pic posted! Plus I would like to eat at the table again and I'm sure people would like to sit on the couch again. I am particularly proud of myself because it took me 4 years to finish the last block of the month for Thimbleberries and this one I started in January 2009. It's only January of 2010 and I'm already finished with the blocks! I know you better check outside to see if pigs have started flying yet...

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