Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 18: Bramlage = The Octagon of Doom!

How mathematical can you get - octagonal basketball course? Gotta love that and a win for the Wildcats over the No. 1 team in the nation! The place was packed tonight and so loud..too loud for this little one whose parents had put huge headphones to buffer the noise. My ears are still ringing from all the cheering.

The signs were out in full force since ESPN was there for Big Monday. There's the Frankometer and the owner moves the meter up and down according to Frank's moods. He was fired up tonight because the referees were horrible (sorry if you are related to one but really they weren't seeing the same game that I was).
And Adrian and Greg were there sitting right behind us. Don't worry Adrian I gave you the beard that you were going to put on with mascara.

Fear the Beard I say!

And the piece de resistance - the final scoreboard and Frank wearing a beard! Enjoy! Sorry this didn't quite make it on the 18th but the game got over around 10:45pm and then the wait out of the parking lot and then it was still FOGGY - UGH!

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