Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 25: Smack Talk leads to.....

I said that I would eventually write about the boys will be boys episode that left two boys crying. Colton and Parker came out of their shirtless cave man play to the living room where we were playing Wii and decided they wanted to take on Ted and Mark on Madden's 5-on-5 football game. So they waited (not very patiently) for us to get done playing Sorry Sliders and were ready to play. They told the big boys how they were gonna whoop their butts and take them down and were pretty much foaming at the mouth to get their hands on the remotes.

The cave man boys picked the Cowboys and Mark and Ted chose to be the Patriots. Mark hadn't played much so we thought the big boys had a handicap. But I think Ted was practicing in the wee hours of the night because he was out for blood. He had a hard time containing himself and could not stop smiling as he whooped up on the boys who were increasingly getting upset. The small boys claimed all sorts of excuses - "the big boys were cheating", "they picked the team that had never lost", "they were not playing fair". The game was not even over and the small boys called it quit. There were tears involved and it wasn't coming from Smiley, i.e. Ted, i.e. Mr. Play Wii All The Time, i.e. Mr. Likes to Pick on Little
It ended in defeat. Parker just laid his head on the couch and Colton was curled up in the fetal position in the hall with tears in his eyes. And that my friends is what talking smack gets ya!

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