Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 16: Saturday Sports (yes again!)

Today was an extremely busy day. We had 2 futsal games and basketball practice in-between those games. Colton made several goals and got a chance to be goalie which he usually despises but he found a new found love for it with a couple of amazing blocks which I failed to get pics of. Now I did come to the stark realization that he has been watching enitirely too much football. He's developed this habit of when he kicks the ball infield he holds his hand like a kicker telling the other players that he's about to kick. It is so funny to watch.

At basketball practice he was able to meet his new coach and learn some defense. The team is showing more progress than what was originally thought. Seems like a nice enough guy....not sure if he is wearing all black because he is in mourning after seeing the skills of his new players.

This pic just about sums up Colton's concentration level and focus on his coach. Notice he is the one facing the opposite direction of the coach and obviously not listening. Oh how I love that kid!
That afternoon we went to the Wareham, an old opera house, in Manhattan to watch the Cats take on Colorado. The alumni had a 35 foot projection screen set up to watch and peanuts and popcorn were FREE and we all know how I love free stuff! We sat in the balcony for the best view of the screen and already have the prime seats picked out for the next away game. Willie threw out shirts during the first half and we still didn't get one. But it was a great venue for watching the game and having everyone cheer on the KSU Wildcats!

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