Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 24: Bowling Take 2

Ted, Angi, Mark and the "boys will be boys" spent Sunday afternoon bowling. This time I got a new pair of shoes. I like last week's shoes better - they were well worn and you can't beat the lime green eyelets. Unfortunately the place was full of college boys and one of those boys had my lucky purple ball so I was not so lucky the first game. We got the boys their own lane so they could move at a faster pace than us old folks. And they finished their 2nd game before we were even done with the first so it was a good choice on our part.
Parker started by bowling with a contraption that would launch the ball forward but after about 3 frames decided he was going to bowl like Colton. Check that engineering contraption out; they definitely didn't have those when I was growing up. We had to rough it!

Check out the grin. Ted was trying not to laugh as Angi He was having a really hard time at it and gave us some line about bowling in college when he was "hitting it hard". He would probably be bowling pro if he would have taken a bowling class in college like Mark did.

Well Ted, a.k.a Mr. Puffy Cheeks, let me give everyone else something to laugh at besides our gutterballs.
The boys also made their way to the video games and imagine that Colton played a football game. Sorry there is not a picture of me and my great form but someone only snapped one of my butt and that is not a great form! :)

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