Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 23: Boys will be Boys

I usually do a Saturday Sports but our Saturday Sports was somewhat depressing. Colton lost his soccer game and the Wildcats lost their game against Oklahoma State. We went over to Ted and Angi's after the game for supper and relaxation. After dinner we sat around the table and talked and we noticed that the boys were pretty quiet back in Parker's room with an occasional bang on the floor from them jumping off the bed. But the door was shut so we really had no clue what they were doing in there. I went out to the car and snagged my camera to snap a shot of them when I opened the door to check out the carnage. Usually quiet is not good for little boys, if you know what I mean. Well this was the shot - the boys running around without shirts on. They had channeled their cave man "I am MAN" and were playing basketball or something in that room without their shirts on. Angi especially noticed the smelly funk that was coming out of the room as we opened the door. Smell good spray was definitely needed!

Colton wanted to show off his muscles....umm...those look more like ribs to me but you go son!

And Parker finally showed off his guns!

Look forward to a future post about the little boys challenging the big boys to a Madden 5 on 5 battle on the Wii. All I will tell you is that it ended in defeat just like Colton's soccer team and the Wildcats but this time there were tears involved!

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