Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 28: EA Day Happenings

We sit. We sign. We sit. We sign. We roam around. We find treats to eat. We sit. We sign. I'm getting pretty bored and am able to take shots of people at EA Day. The lines were long and I'm glad I'm not a student sitting or standing in them.

How did I make the time go by? I bothered my co-workers. See this computer - it belongs to Mark and he is a huge Nebraska fan. He wasn't working either and was looking at Nebraska on his computer. He stepped out so I changed it to the KSU Athletics page.
And this would be his reaction after he saw it...heehee!
And check this out - it is MY students STUDYING! Yes they came to EA Day and worked on MATH! There's a new Nickelodeon show that's motto is "With math, all is possible!" and I love it!

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