Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 14: Playing with Pics

I got new software for Christmas is the good news. The bad news is that it fried the video card on my work laptop. So this week I got a new laptop that I can do for personal stuff (hours of facebook I'm sure) and for working with pictures and videos. This young man's name is Casen and he does not belong to me although I would take this cutie in a heartbeat. He sits in the same section and tailgates right next to us at the KSU games. I loved this picture of him and another one at the end of the post so I decided to learn how to use Photoshop starting with this picture. I had to beg Cassie, a graphic arts guru and co-worker, to help me learn how to use the software and we met and she tried to teach me. I was a difficult student because I had a hard time just watching her as she taught me because I wanted to play and do the same thing. Although every time I tried to stay with her, I ended up pushing some other button and she had to get me out of whatever screen mess I was in. But she was patient and I did learn some. Here's some of the edits.

This edit played with the hues in the picture and made Casen look a little less ghostly white.
She also taught me how to make certain parts of the picture color and the rest black and white.
So be prepared to watch me learn how to edit photos in my 365 days of photos! But go easy on me because this software can do just about everything and I'm still learning.

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