Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 30: Rudeness and Roller Coaster Ride

It is finally here. The day some of us KSU fans have been waiting for - will we be able to beat the top ranked KU Jayhawks? Well we didn't but it was an incredible game, full of ups and downs just like a roller coaster ride by both teams. The first downer was the long line to get into the Octagon of Doom. But we were entertained with signs like these and jokes about the jayhawks. "Be sure to cover your mouth when you cough up a Hawker!"
We did get there early enough to see the Wildcats warm up and even those icky jayhawks warmup. And thsoe icky Jayhawks...
And can I please get an " sweet" from everyone. Frankie's daughter came and sat on his lap just minutes before the game.
Now for the rudeness....see this? They were sitting right behind us and were terribly rude. I mean most rudeness I've witnessed in a long time! Fortunate for us, one of them got kicked out of the game in the first half. And that's what ya get for being so rude - haha!

OK and for all of you Erin Andrews she is. I caught many of the men around us drooling over her.
And of course the picture wouldn't be complete without her I imagine there will be some of you that will be printing this out and making poster size prints and hanging them above your bed - ugh! All I can say to that is...someone needs to eat something!
And the roller coaster ride continues as we go into overtime. Overtime! There was some hope!
Well I was so glued to the game I didn't get any other pics until after the game. But I will tell you it didn't end like I wanted it to end.

But hey I got to see Darren Sproles!!! He was much smaller than I thought he would be for an NFL player. He still could take that birdlike Erin Andrews!
Well until the next game...Go Cats! I still love ya' and you are still #1 in my book!

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