Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 27: I have one of those kids...ugh

Colton brought home his reading notebook. This is what came clumsily out of his bag. I saw it and I knew. I had one of those kids that is NOT organized and just shoves things in his desk. I remember those kids from teaching high school. Those kids could never find their homework. They could barely find a blank piece let alone a writing utensil. I didn't realize that this was when it started - at an early age. I should have known considering the state of his room sometimes.

Oh makes my stomach churn as I look at the pages coming out and just shoved in there. The corners are all folded over and they look sad. They look disappointed that they are not in their proper place. Some of them even had the holes punched in them ready to be put in place but yet they weren't. sad. I know someone else that had a backpack that looked like brother. We are in serious trouble if he is anything like Matt.

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