Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 6: January 6th

Well I may be cheating here but I had no time to take a pic so I'm posting an oldie but a goodie. The important part is that I'm sharing my pics and my life with the world...right? This was one of my favorite pictures taken on Christmas Break. It snowed and snowed and blowed and blowed but that didn't stop Colton and Madeline from playing in the snow. It was dark but they were having too much fun to come in from the snow. I am glad that the snow wasn't yellow since they seemed to love to have their mouths on it!

Well I loved the snow pics so you have to suffer through more..

The view from the house as the snow comes in. There were huge drifts by the time we woke up the next day.

They each took turns sliding down the hill. Who needs a sled when you're a kid?
And I will claim that cute smile!

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