Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 8: From the Frozen Tundra

Well wouldn't you know my luck would run out...I had to work today. My lovely boss thought that we had soldiers and family members that really wanted to come to class. So the picture is of ME bundled up to go to work. Colton does good work doesn't he snapping shots? Not sure why everything is blueish....perhaps it's because I had to go to work when it was negative 10 degree wind chill outside.

I've decided that I could be an understudy for Wilson on Home Improvement. Most pics of me have my face covered in some way or another. Either that or I really like this bank robber hat.. One of the Greifs..oh I mean Cheifs games that we went to this year made me pull out the hat.

I know I've got some other pics but still missing my laptop so this will have to do for now. Oh yeah and if anyone with any power in USD#383 is reading this, please have school on Monday. When you are a kid and a teacher you pray for snow days, but when you are a parent that has to stay home with them you dislike them a lot when they can't go outside and play. I did say 'bout a Pretty Please? ;)

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