Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 15: Frost and Ice

I'm trying to keep a good outlook but with intense fog every morning and no sun, I'm getting a little bit of that Seasonal Affective Disorder. It's pretty but by 10am, the fog should be gone not stick around all day like it has been doing. We've been waking up to what looks like an icy winter wonderland.

And see this picture, well I wasn't really sure what it was until I realized that when I was slipping on the black ice in order to get this picture, my finger or some other body part must have snapped this one as I was trying to regain my balance. Black Ice will be the death of me. This was not my only encounter with Black Ice. I seem to be drawn to it like stink on a boy that plays 3 hours of sports in a day (future post coming on this topic). Tonight when I got out of the vehicle to get a movie I slid right out of the vehicle on my first step and landed on my tutkus.
I tried to get myself out of that cold icy patch but couldn't get any leverage to get myself up. Every where I tried to step I slid so I just sat there. The icing on the cake was the fact that my butt was heating the ice and it was soaking into my pants. The cherry on top was that I had tan pants on that show all the sand and grit from people's tires that had driven in that parking space before. But I was bound and determined I was going to get a movie so I walked into Hastings looking like I needed to be potty trained and got my movie. By the way "All About Steve" was lots funnier than the previews showed and pants feel so much better when they are dry! ;)
So Mother Nature, if you are reading this....please send us sunshine. We miss it. We've experienced snow for weeks now and we would like to see what else you got!

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